Assistant Building Supervisor and Weight Room Supervisor Application

Assistant Building Supervisor and Weight Room Supervisor Application


Recreational Services is seeing to hire students to join their facility staff as Assistant Building Supervisor/Weight Room Supervisor. Facility staff will undergo training to learn the specifics of the positions, as well as response procedures specific to Recreational Services. They will be expected to provide excellent customer service, take a proactive approach towards safety, and be excellent representatives of Recreational Services. 


  • Must be a student enrolled in at least six credit hours at K-State 

Wage & Start Date

  • Minimum pay starts at $7.50 per hour.  
  • Eligible for raises on a semester basis
  • Hours are flexible and will work around classes/meetings etc.
Applications will be open until positions are filled.
First & Last Name
Email address: 
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Academic Classification:
Why do you want to join the Recreational Services staff?
Explain the importance of customer service and why you think it is important for this position?
Please list a brief description of previous jobs and experience that would help you in this position.