Climbing Wall Supervisor Application Spring

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Position Description

Recreational Services is seeking to hire students to join our Climbing Wall Staff.   Climbing wall supervisors will undergo training and learn how to supervise and maintain the climbing wall, as well as teach belay and climbing skills.  They will be expected to provide excellent customer service, take a proactive approach towards safety, be excellent representatives of the K-State climbing program, and be advocates of the sport of climbing. 

Prior climbing and/or related experience are required.


Must be at least 18 years of age
Must be enrolled in at least six credit hours at K-State
Must have a belay certification
CPR and First Aid certifications (must obtain - training options provided upon hiring)
Agree to attend and successfully complete Climbing Wall Instructor Certification Training**

**Our next certification training will be held in January. 

Wage and start date

Minimum pay starts at $8.50/hour.  Start date is TBD 


What is your full name? (first, middle & last)
What is your preferred email address
What is your preferred phone number?
What is your major? (include minor too if applicable)
Are you at least 18 years of age and a K-State student?
Will you be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours in the Spring of 2022?
What is your classification (i.e year in school)?
What is your anticipated graduation date? (month and year)
Please check all of the boxes to indicate what certifications you currently have at our wall.
Please describe your approximate current level of climbing ability.

Indicate by sharing about what climbing grades you climb and/or what some of your favorite routes are or have been. Please note that the ability to climb hard routes is not a requirement of getting hired. We still hire beginners too!
What is your approximate available start date to begin working?
Are you available to work this coming summer? (note: this is not a requirement)
What is your number of desired hours of work per week?
Please elaborate on any of your experiences that may be beneficial to you as a climbing wall staff. This can be from prior employment, classes, personal participation, or anything that may be transferable experience.
Do you have any certifications that may be beneficial to this position? (i.e CPR, First Aid, belay, etc) If yes, please list. If your answer is no, are you willing to take a provided CPR and First Aid course to get a certification?
Please list any campus activities or organizations you are involved with.
What are some of your hobbies and interests?
Please list at least two of your previous employers, if applicable. Include the name of the employer, the name of the job and job duties (very brief), the dates worked, the name of your direct supervisor, and the phone number for the direct supervisor.
Please provide the names and phone numbers for at least two professional references. (can be same as from above question)
If you have any other relevant information to share that you didn't have a place to include elsewhere, please share here.
If you have a resume or any other material that you would like to upload, please do so here (not required).